April 8th @7pm

Want to get a taste of climbing competition but without all the seriousness? Team comps are a great way to have fun and bond with your friends, all while having a little friendly competition!


Live Rankings


Teams of 3 (With at least 1 member of the opposite gender)

Ladies score 2x for any Tops and Zones

Only One Round

Rotation Format of 5 Boulder Problems

There will be a route demonstration to show the intended beta for all problems before the competition.

Teams will have 5 minutes on each of the 5 boulder problems. They will go through all 5 boulders by rotating attempts between team members. Once the 5 minutes have elapsed they will then move to the next boulder until they have attempted all 5 problems (25 minutes of climbing). There is no rest period once a team begins their rotation.


There will be five boulders, all featuring two zones and one top

The maximum score of each problem is 25 points (50 for ladies)

Climbers will earn 3 points by securing the first zone, then move to 6 points if they secure the second zone, and claim the full 25 points if they secure the top

0.1 point will be deducted for each fall while attempting to top

Ladies will receive double points


1st Place Team:
1 Month Memberships
250k McDonald's Gift Cards

2nd Place Team:
250k McDonald's Gift Cards

3rd Place Team:
3 Jars of Nutella